We Provide orientation and training sessions to explain the roles and Responsibilities for Refugee Families in Canada.

  • We welcome and assist refugee newcomers in their settlement and integration into Canadian Society.
  • We provide services in over 10 languages.
  • We provide temporary accommodation for newly arrived government assisted Refugees.
  • We provide settlement, Housing, and life skills assistance to refugees and their families.
  • We educate the community about the needs and issues that refugee newcomers have and about the contributions they make to the community.
  • We strive to enable independence and full participation of newcomers in our community.


We welcome all without bias. Our relationships are based on mutual trust and respect

                    PROGRAM OBJECTIVES.

Ease the transition for new comers provide family time between volunteers and refugees. Introduce refugees to Canadian culture.


Refugees will be connected with main stream community.

-Refugees’ Psychosocial needs will be addressed.

-Refugee Families will be closely exposed to Canadian culture and values.

-Volunteer Families will become aware of refugee needs.


  • We support equitable treatment of all persons and embrace cross-cultural differences.

              VISION & PURPOSE

The Vision and Purpose will be to reach out to people and International Refugees, who have been affected by poverty and war and Oppression by providing for Basic human needs such as Shelter, Food and Disaster relief.


We match newly arrived refuges with Canadians who volunteer to provide friendship in the form of emotional and social support to refugees during the time they are adapting to life in Canada.