This organization shall strive to meet the following objectives in its operations. The objectives may be amended to adapt to changing needs and opportunities.

  • Education: the DAI will promote peace by encouraging a global citizen outlook, encouraging personal and community development through education and opportunities for job creation.
  • Humanitarian Aid: To contribute to emergency and non-emergency humanitarian aid for those suffering the consequence of war and conflict, including but not limited to food, medical supplies, clothing, infrastructures rebuilding, water purification, and other life essentials.
  • Sustainable development: to promote sustainable clean drinking water, beneficial agricultural and animal husbandry practices and employment opportunities.
  • Advocacy: to raise public and governmental awareness of the plight in this region.
  • Partnerships: partner with like-minded charitable organizations and private individuals within and outside of Canada, whenever it will benefit the target region.
  • Fund-raising: To mobilize resources needed to sustain the programs. Funds may be obtained through special events and may be from the public and or businesses. Funding will also be sought from governmental and corporate sources.

Resources: To employ the expertise of professionals, services and organizations (both profitable and non-profitable) for the implantation and maintenance of the programs